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The picture of stylish home



We call the recent tendency in artistic picture-style PLASTIC DESIGN which transforms one-dimensional images into three-dimensional masterpieces with its magically unique style. It gives everyone a kind of magical visual experience. The motive of every single picture is distinctive, the owner of a piece of art like this can never meet another collector who has the same plastic design and not even buy one everywhere.

The plastic design style is more than just a picture, its three dimensional effect, special technique and unique form meet the most up-to-date home decoration expectations as well.

This style has aroused the interest of those who have high expectations towards themselves and willing to invest in order to decorate their homes with artistic taste and value.

The artist, Laszlo Gyure claims that the massage of the plastic design pictures is clear: to decorate your home with unique and exclusive pieces of art. A picture which represents elegance is worth of the guests' attention and makes them show interest.