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Welcome to my website!

Let me introduce. My name is László Gyüre. I was born on 5 February 1972. I live in Budapest in Hungary and I deal with fine arts.
I graduated in 1996 drawing and geography majors. Then I studied applied arts at the University.

I had worked with a variety of techniques earlier (pastel, water-colour, collage), but I have been painting with mainly acryl lately. My pictures are taken with a unique technique, for which I use different organic and inorganic substances, (paper, textile, seed etc). The dynamism and speciality of the pictures stem from the play of plastic and flat surfaces found in my works.

I want to give happiness and joy with my paintings to other people. It is a big pleasure if somebody likes my pictures what I did and these pictures are taken to people's home.


Laszlo Gyüre